The Dojo Kun – Training Hall Rules

  • Each person must strive for completion and perfection of one’s character. This means we should never stop learning. Setting goals is good but as soon as they are achieved we need to set our sights on the next goal. To seek perfection in character is to always seek to improve oneself.
  • Each person must be faithful and protect the way of truth. This is not only being truthful to others, to your obligations but also to yourself. To be truthful to yourself you have to do your best in everything you do.
  • Each person must endeavour to be their best. This is trying hard at everything you do.
  • Each person must respect others and the rules of etiquette. A true martial artist always shows respect to other people. Showing respect is a sign of humility which is necessary for an open mind, which is in turn necessary to learn and grow.
  • Each person must refrain from violent behaviour and misuse of Karate. A martial artist should always be in control.

When you enter and leave the Dojo (training hall):

  • Please Rei (bow) each time with feet together facing the Shomen (front of the Dojo).
  • Remove all jewellery (earrings/bracelets/necklaces/watches) Flat wedding bands may be worn.
  • Please dress appropriately.
  • Long Hair should be tied back.
  • Good levels of personal hygiene (short nails etc).

Additional notes:

  • If you do not wish to train in bare feet, you need to wear martial arts training shoes and not trainers.
  • You need to wear your belt to each class and it should be tied correctly with the belts ends equal.
  • No chewing gum.


Minimum grading times:

Low grades.
White Belt Blue Stripe – 6 hours.
White Belt Purple Stripe – 6 hours.
White Belt Brown Stripe – 6 hours.
White Belt Black Stripe – 6 hours.
12th Kyu – Red Belt – 12 hours.
11th Kyu – Yellow Belt – 12 hours.
10th Kyu – Yellow Belt Orange stripe – 12 hours.
9th Kyu – Orange Belt – 12 hours.

Mid Grades.
8th Kyu – Orange Belt Green Stripe – 24 hours plus 3 Kata Classes.
7th Kyu – Green Belt – 24 hours plus 4 Kata Classes.
6th Kyu – Green Belt Blue Stripe – 24 hours plus 5 Kata Classes.

High Grades.
5th Kyu – Blue Belt – 24 hours plus 6 Kata Classes.
4th Kyu – Purple Belt – 24 hours plus 6 Kata Classes.
3rd Kyu – Brown Belt – 24 hours plus 6 Kata Classes.
2nd Kyu – Brown Belt White Stripe – 24 hours plus 6 Kata Classes.
1st Kyu – Brown Belt Black Stripe – 48 hours plus 12 Kata Classes.
1st Dan – Black Belt – 48 hours plus 12 Kata Classes

Please note that these are the minimum lengths of time to achieve the grade and final decision will be made by the lead instructor at the club. Students will need to have completed the desired number of training hours and Kata Class hours since their previous grading in order to be able to grade. For those who are required to spar for their grade you will additionally require an up to date licence.